Sand between the toes — in Noarlunga

25 11 2008

Not long ago, Noarlunga was a town, separate from the city of Adelaide. In the last thirty years of metropolitan sprawl, it’s been absorbed and is now an outer suburb … yet much of the original character of the old town endures, giving Noarlunga a charm all its own.


One of Adelaide’s most in-demand features would have to be its white beaches. Miles and miles of them … and almost empty, and all of them accessible right from the suburbs, which sprawl north and south along the eastern shores of the Gulf Saint Vincent. Only at Christmas do you see quite a crowd on the beach — Christmas dinner by the sea is an old, old Aussie tradition.


Noarlunga offers fishing, snorkeling, body-boarding, sailing and sunbathing, with blue-green waters, red-gold cliffs, and a long jetty extending out to the rocky reef.


And for those people who’re addicted to the other side of life — you can literally shop till you drop on Beach Road, in scores of little “hole in the wall” specialty stores. Everything from a shop selling reptiles, to a magic shop, and “op shops” galore. Best of all, this green-ocean playground is about fifteen minutes from downtown … you can get there by metropolitan train, and (!) there’s a monster shopping mall at the other end of Beach Road, if you have to shop or die!