Hahndorf welcomes you … hope you brought an appetite!

26 11 2008


One of the loveliest places in the hills near Adelaide (and it is near — close enough to head there for lunch!) is the town that’s described as “the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia.”

It’s Hahndorf … 28 kilometers from the city, and seeming like a great hunk of Australian history come to life. The town was named for the captain of the vessel which brought the original colonists out here from Europe. They fled to escape religious persecution and made a new life in South Australia which was so successful, Hahndorf is thriving in the twenty first century and has a wonderful future — quite an achievement, when you remember, the region was settled in the 1830s!


The town remembers its history with a lovely little street-corner memorial garden, in which you’ll find this statue, a likeness of Captain Hahn, who was so impressed by these coloists that it was he who found them a place to settle. His choice was superb: sheltered, fertile and beautiful.


Most people go to Hahndorf for the shopping (Main Street is a kilometer-long festival of curiosity shops, every one different, and astonishing. Want to buy an authentic cuckoo clock, or the best German sausage, or hand-made candles, or leather goods …? You’ve come to the right place here! There are also more curbside cafes, restaurants, pubs and courtyard dining areas than you could check out, if you ate at a new place twice a day for a week! The German Arms (above) is a terrific place for lunch. Imagine a real, German pub … with an Aussie twist!


We like the outdoor dining style, though … coffee and pastries “under the vines,” watching the world go by. Hahndorf is in wine country — some of the finest in South Australia are grown and made not far away. And everyone knows (!) South Aussie wines are the best in the world. (Well, they are!)


But the Old Mill is the place to be … especially for dinner at Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and such family celebraions. Mind you, you not only need a booking, you might need to book a couple of years in advance!

Getting to Hahndorf from Adelaide is easy: it’s a drive through some of the loveliest country on very good roads. But be sure you bring an appetite, because everywhere you turn, it’s fantastic food and wine. Want to stay overnight? There’s hotels, motels and a caravan park with cabins, any of which come highly recommended.




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